Orange is the new black

Tonight is a me-night. I love spending time by myself. It's actually in a lot of situations I find myself just wanting to get away from everything and everyone and just be. Aaaah.
Right now I'm watching a new serie I just found. Orange is the new black. I've only watched one episode, but so far, I enjoy it. My kind of serie.

Messy hair don't care

Hejhopp! Just sitting here, drinking some Celsius. It's delicious, and I need the energy right now, to not be a total bitch tonight. Gonna take my bike and go to a friends place now. Have a nice Thursday evening!
If you ever wondered, this is what it looks like.
"so what do you wanna talk about today??"

Caribbean green

This morning i made green smoothies and ate porridge with mashed apples and blueberries. Gosh, I feel healthy!
-broccoli, spinach, banana, apple, milk and water

Bloody full moon

Good morning!
I had such a bad night.. I couldn't go to sleep! I tried for 2-3 hours, finally fell asleep, but woke up 3hours later at 4am, fully awake. Was awake for an hour or so. After that I slept til 10!
After my 2-3 hours of trying I thought "Whyy?? Why is this happening?" And I remebered something I've read. Full moon. I know there's a lot of people having trouble to sleep during full moon, but I thought it could be just placebo. That you get problems cause you aware of it. But I honestly didn't think about it.
And yes, it was 99% fullmoon. It's gonna be 100% tonight. So let's see how it goes tonight..


Oh how I love lazy days!! Slept 11 hours, did nothing for a while and read danis blog for a few hours. Then I went to the city to meet two of my friends. Now I'm at my aunts bday-party but I'm tired and wanna go home and read about Gemini and have an early night so I have energy to do nothing tomorrow too :D 


Fick frågan om hur framtiden ser ut för mig nu. Är hemma i Skellefteå i 3 veckor till. Alla jobbar eller går skola så jag hittar på något själv att göra på dagarna och så hänger jag med folk på kvällarna.
Om 3 veckor så åker jag ner till Jönköping, precis som förra sommaren. Ska jobba där under sommaren. Till hösten så kommer jag antingen plugga i Uppsala, Lund eller Västerås eller så jobbar jag. (Måste ju spara in pengar till nästa resa!!) Antingen i Jönköping eller nån annanstans i södra delen av vårt land. Ska i alla fall hitta mig en lägenhet till hösten och flytta hemifrån på riktigt. 

Stay hydrated!

Today have been a lazy day, exactly like sundays should be. Woke up, played Guitar Hero with my brother for a couple of hours and then I went for a 6k walk. Felt so dehydrated so I made myself a tasty smoothie of banana, blueberry, raspberry, milk and water. And a big glass of water with ice cold raspberrys.

Reunion after reunion

Idag ska jag se min saknade Lovisa igen! Har träffat några vänner redan och det är så härligt! Det bästa är att vi pratar precis som vi gjorde innan jag åkte. Riktiga vänner behöver man inte prata med varje med dag, men när man pratar med dom så är det ingen skillnad från förra gången! :D
Ikväll så vaknas det fest. Typ en välkomstfest. För en gångs skull så blir det roligt att gå ut på krogen och träffa folk.
just innan jag åkte för 8 månader sen!

Bildbomb Sydney

Nä nu kör vi massa bilder här tycker jag!!
Börjar med Sydney för typ tusen år sen. Jag vet inte varför kvalitén blir så fruktansvärt dålig, men det får ni leva med.
Posar med herr DiCaprio!
En ensam och vilsen svensk blondin hittar en annan på flygplatsen och börjar äventyret tillsammans! (och blek!)
Vackra Sydney från Darling Harbour.
En av alla partynätter. Mi casa - su casa!
My wife!
Och min Jamie!

Hello Sweden!

Home again! I've got mixed feelings about that.. Haven't been here for 8 months, and now I'm here.. And it's freezing! The only good part about being home is to see all my friends and family again, but apart from that - nothing. Wish I could go back!
I've experienced heaps! I've seen stunning places, and I've done SO MUCH. Met lots of people and I've had the time of my life! My decicion to go to Australia was the best desicion I've ever made. To just catch a plane all alone to the other side of the world. And I can promise you - this is only the beginning. I wanna see the whole world!
The worst part is definitely all the good-byes. It's so sad everytime you have to leave persons you really like. I've met friends for life. I've laughed like there was no tomorrow! I've learnt a lot from people I met. My eyes have opened! But something good comes with everything - now I've got friends all over the world that I can visit!
After speaking english everyday for 8 months made me feel so comfortable with it. I tried to write this in swedish first, but it just didn't make sense. Sometimes I feel more comfy with english than swedish. My english isn't perfect - but hey! Whatever. I'm learning! And besides, my non-swedish friends still understand "bad" english better than swedish!

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